Monday, March 21, 2011

OBIS Project Final Project and Conference

The OBIS Project (Optimizing Bike Sharing in European Cities) is wrapping up soon and their final conference is set for June 21 in Prague to discuss their findings. Here is their latest:

"Bike sharing schemes are an essential part of today’s mobility landscape. The three largest bike sharing schemes in Europe are used for trips equivalent to going around the world ten times each day (see below). OBIS research revealed that between 10% and 20% of bike sharing trips replace car or taxi trips in some schemes. Thus the schemes contribute to healthier, cleaner and more sustainable urban mobility.

"The OBIS project team had a close look at more than 50 European bike sharing schemes during almost three years of project work. A complete handbook- the first of its kind-provides recommendations for authorities and practitioners. Recommendations cover the implementation and optimisations processes for bike sharing schemes from scratch. Technical solutions are presented and compared; different service designs are set into the context of city features (e.g. topography, climate, cycling culture) and optimisation approaches in terms of technology and service levels are described.

"The project team will present the handbook at the final project conference in Prague on 21st June 2011. The handbook presentation will be accompanied by presentations of various schemes such as Barclays Cycle Hire (London), Bicing (Barcelona), BikeMi (Milan), Call a Bike (Berlin), City Bikes (Stockholm), Leihradl-nextbike (Austria) and CD Bike (Czech Republic). Interested stakeholders are invited to register until 31st March 2011. Participation is free of charge but seats are limited. More information can be found on"

Photo credit: Tim Birkholz, choice GmbH

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philip said...

I am definitely going and looking forward to this. The OBIS Project really covered a huge area of the public cycling world and I am eager to hear their final learnings!