Thursday, December 24, 2009

Propaganda Time

I normally don't post propaganda, however, it was either this or a video of the coal that Santa brought, so here's a nice piece that Clear Channel Outdoor created about its SmartBike system. This smooth video discusses its technology and has brief interviews with customers from around the globe using a bike-sharing bike. Whatever the language, there's always the smile. Bike-sharing is good.

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Unknown said...

It's too bad Clear Channel's bike sharing program SUCKS. When they signed up to provide this service, there was an agreement that, if certain criteria were met, CC would expand the system to at least 100 stations. Since it has become apparent that SmartBike is wildly popular in DC, CC has balked at any expansion, forcing DC to go back to the drawing boards and find a new vendor.

In the meantime, SmartBike is viewed as inneffective b/c there are only 10 stations, and thus the larger population sees it as a failure. It will be doubly difficult to introduce any new system now ("but look how crappy SmartBike is!"). They really screwed the pooch for DC here.