Wednesday, March 4, 2009

São Paulo's UseBike

Launching around Car-Free Day this past September to the general public, São Paulo, Brazil now has UseBike. Funded by one of Brazil's largest insurance companies, Porto Seguro, UseBike has 202 bikes and 23 stations. This program started off open to only Porto Seguro customers, but has since opened to the general public.

The first hour is free and afterwards UseBike costs 2 Brazilian Reais ($0.85 USD) for each additional hour. The service can be used between 6am and 10pm daily. Since September 27 when the program launched for the public, the system has created over 2,600 customers.

Special thanks to Leandro Valverdes and Hélio Wicher Neto for their contributions.

Image credit: UseBike via Fernanda Prevedello - Játálá - Blog

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