Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hidden Contracts

Contracts for bike-sharing services between the municipality and operator are hard to find on the websites of local governments and some governments even prefer not to make the contract public. One would think the contract for a public service would be... well... public.

The Bike-sharing Blog needs your help! To benefit the Bike-sharing Community, send a link to your municipality's bike-sharing contract to us, so we may publish the link for the benefit of all. The Contracts section on the bottom left corner of the Blog needs beefing up as only two contracts are presently listed -- that of London, England, UK (Barclays Cycle Hire) and Arlington, Virginia, USA (Capital Bikeshare).

image credit: SmartData Collective

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James Sinclair said...

I completely agree with this cause. Even for systems that receive zero tax payer funding, the public municipality is still entering an exclusive agreement with the company, so the contract should be public.