Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Madison Whisked Off Its Feet with TREK this Spring

Madison B-cycle is planned to start in May 2011 with 350 bikes scattered in 35 stations around this capital and University of Wisconsin town. According to the Journal-Sentinel Online, Trek Bicycle Corporation, part owner of B-cycle, will invest about $1,000,000 to start up the program. The City of Madison will pay $100,000 a year for 3 years to support the program. The income from subscriptions and usage fees will be split between the city and Trek. These fees are expected to be around the same as the other B-cycle programs.

There are B-cycle programs in Chicago, Denver, Louisville, San Antonio, Des Moines, and soon to be Ft Lauderdale and Boulder. Trek started the B-cycle system in partnership with the Innovations Center of Humana and Crispin Porter+Bogusky. Trek Corporate Headquarters are just outside of Madison, Wisconsin

Update: Madison City Council approves its funding for B-cycle, Wisconsin State Journal
Update II: Trek Bicycles forgives the $100,000 yearly payment for Madison B-cycle for a yearly contribution of $1.00 according to Trek Bicycles in April 2011

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