Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New York City Request Proposals for 10,000-Bike Service

This morning the New York City Department of Transportation issued its long awaited Request for Proposal for a mega bike-sharing system. The request asks for bike-share operators to use the New York Planning Commission feasibility study, Bike-share Opportunities in New York City, as a guide to plan a program. The study suggests that the system start with 10,000 bikes and 600 stations. It should be multi-borough, but begin in the Manhattan Central Business District and expand into other boroughs of the City.

Although the request only calls for a five year initial contract, the system could grow to rival the size of the Hangzhou, China's
Public Bicycle Service mega system of 50,000 bikes (see The Bike-sharing Blog July 2009 for more info). If all goes well without any flat tires or broken spokes in negotiations, we could be using one of the great bike-share systems in one of the greatest cities of the world by maybe this time next year.

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trailsnet said...

I love these bike sharing programs in the major cities. I hear they're also planning some bike share programs for major U.S. trails.
Keep me posted. I'd be glad to run a blog post with updates on the trails network blog.