Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bicing

Barcelona's Bicing turned 1. Happy birthday! Or should I say, "¡Felice cumpleaños!"

According to "Spain: The Blog":

- Bicing has 130,000+ users from 16 - 83 years old with a majority between 26 - 35.
- The system is up to 4, 300 bikes which are used an average of 30,000 times/day.
- Each bike is used an average of 8 times/day.
- The average trip lasts 17 minutes and covers 3 kilometers.
- There are currently 286 stations that cover every district within the city limits.
- About 120 workers travel around the city in special Bicing vans to make repairs, switch out damaged bicycles and provide station maintenance.
- Every day about 300 new people join the system by paying the 24 euro annual membership fee.

May the next year bring Bicing even greater success.

photo credit: Spain: The Blog

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Anonymous said...

Bicing is fantastic but tourists beware, only Spanish citizen can use the system, unless you live in Spain as a resident alien and have an NIE card. Sucks, huh?