Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Bike-sharing Blog

One year ago this month I started up The Bike-sharing Blog to assist the global community in the spread of knowledge about bike-sharing and hasten the growth of this eco-friendly concept. During this first year of the Blog, the one-time fringe idea has caught on like wildfire and rapidly expanded throughout Europe and followed in Asia (China) and the Australian continent (New Zealand) and is to follow in most other continents.

There's no reason why bike-sharing shouldn't grow even quicker than subway systems did with their invention in the 19th century. There's an even greater need for inexpensive and green mobility now than ever before. Bike-sharing is the least expensive mode of transit too. Compared to other transit, you just can't beat a bike. No gasoline is required and the driver is the customer. That's all on top of bicycling being the most efficient form of transport. Not bad.

During The Bike-sharing Blog's second year, we will have an even busier year. Programs are to be underway hopefully next month in the U.S. starting with my hometown of Washington, D.C. with many more major cities across the country and Canada to follow. South America has at least one program underway in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Middle East has a future program in Tel Aviv. Europe has future programs spreading east and south towards Poland and Greece. Australia will be popping out a program as will South Korea.

I hope The Bike-sharing Blog has assisted in the spread of knowledge to the global community about this great concept.


Paul DeMaio
MetroBike LLC
Washington, D.C.

image credit: Soritov


Christof Damian said...

Happy Birthday!

Lets hope that bike sharing indeed spreads all over the planet.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday indeed! May many more cities and towns enact bike-sharing schemes. I hope one in Chicago comes to fruition soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Paul! Great blog, by the way.

Mark H.

Anonymous said...

great job great man paul

mike selber

Paul DeMaio said...

I appreciate that Mike S.