Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bicycle and the Drum

One purpose of The Bike-sharing Blog is to educate people about how bike-sharing works. With more folks who understand bike-sharing and its benefits, there become more advocates for it. Each advocate is another drum beating in unison. As the concept spreads throughout societies around the world, the number of advocates increases and the drums beat louder than before. Bike-sharing is an important piece of the puzzle which allows cities to correct the mistakes that have been made which focused intensely on creating environments that catered to the automobile and forgot the people living there.

Bike-sharing is also a movement. A movement rapidly developing and shaping our collective future. It's a movement away from four wheels towards that of two. It's about using Earth's limited resources more efficiently.

As the author of The Bike-sharing Blog and one of the concept's many proponents, I hope that this blog is helpful to you in learning about bike-sharing. Share the idea with people you know, so the drum will beat even louder.

Paul DeMaio
MetroBike LLC
Washington, D.C.


Anonymous said...

Yes! The blog has been in my RSS feed for a month or two now after I'd been asking around for a compendium of info on bike sharing cos I travel a bit. And lo! I found this blog.

I also post relevant articles on forums I'm on when an appropriate news item comes up.

City Stroller said...

i could not find much about the programme in london and other cities in the uk.
i bicycle and walk as much as possible and so i have written some tours of london that could be listened to by walkers or bicyclists but i would like to find out where your programme works here

Paul DeMaio said...

city stroller,

Hammersmith & Fulham has OYBike(.com). OYBike is presently in the process of expanding throughout the U.K.