Friday, September 16, 2011

Capital Bikeshare Turning 1

Capital Bikeshare is turning 1 year old on September 20th. We made it and it's been a blast! As we approach our 1st birthday, we're also approaching our 1,000,000th trip. Today with about 985,000 trips we are closing in on this milestone quickly. Will we make it to the big number before our 1st birthday? I'm guessing yes. When my company, MetroBike, was involved in creating Capital Bikeshare, we didn't know how well it would be embraced by the public. And now one year later, it's far exceeded our expectations.

If you know of any Japanese reality TV shows wanting to film the 1,000,000th trip, let me know. As we reported on The Bike-sharing Blog in June, Velib' had fun with this for trip #100,000,000, so why wait for Capital Bikeshare?

Come help us celebrate our first birthday. If you're in town on September 22, World Car-free Day, join us as we celebrate the huge success of Capital Bikeshare. No one thought CaBi, as it's called locally, would be such a game-changer for the Washington, DC region. Not only are more stations and bikes coming on-line over the following months in DC and Arlington, but more jurisdictions in the region are interested in being part of the service. This would make Capital Bikeshare one of the largest regional bike-sharing services in the world. Now with so many more bike trips in the nation's capital, you'll have a difficult time even finding a car on Pennsylvania Avenue. OK, a slight stretch of my imagination, but you get the picture.

We'll see you on the 22nd. And make that extra trip on a CaBi to get us that much closer.

And from MetroBike, thanks a million!

UPDATE (9/20/11): We reached 1,000,000 trips today on our birthday. Here's the press release.


darren said...

1 million rides! See you at the party, Yards Park is the perfect place to celebrate

Jeff said...

I tried the bike share along the Whitehouse area for a whole afternoon, and all me and my partner thought was WHERE ARE THER BIKE LANES IN DC???