Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy fourth birthday to The Bike-sharing Blog!

Where has all the time gone? The Bike-sharing Blog was born four years and 275 posts ago today. That’s sharing about 69 posts per year. Russell and I combined don’t even brush our teeth that often in a year.

As we enjoy the sugary icing of the Blog’s birthday cake, we thank you for your continued reading of our little Blog. And here’s to everyone who is making bike-sharing happen in their city or town, campus, park, or office park! We look forward to all the exciting developments on which we will be writing about in The Bike-sharing Blog’s fifth year.


Paul DeMaio and Russell Meddin, The Bike-sharing Blog co-authors

p.s. – Paul is the good-looking guy with curly hair on the left and Russell is debonair guy on the right. And no, we’re not wearing spandex.

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dalos said...

Best wishes for the next 40 years!
Keep up the good work.