Saturday, February 7, 2009

Second Spanish Bike-sharing Congress Coming in March

Seville will host Spain's first national bicycle summit from March 12 - 15, which includes the 2nd Spanish Public Bicycles Congress, the inaugural assembly of the Spanish Network of Cities for Cycling, and the business meeting of cycling companies.

After introducing various bike-sharing schemes during the first Public Bicycles Congress, held 2007 in Barcelona, the second congress takes stock of the Spanish experience with its various schemes. Selected cities will reflect successes and failures with the schemes, while experts and public bike users will share their first-hand experiences in separate panels. Furthermore there will be space to present innovative technologies of third generation public bicycles attempting to solve well-known problems of vandalism, reliability, and availability.

The summit is organized by Seville’s Delegation of Infrastructures for Sustainability in cooperation with the Foundation ECA Bureau Veritas.

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by Eva Helmeth, Fundación ECA Bureau Veritas

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