Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Seoul and London are On Deck

As reported in The Korea Times, Seoul is planning to launch a bike-sharing program similar to Velib' soon. According to the article, Seoulites Can Borrow Bicycles, "The city plans to first set up 200 bike stations in Songpa-gu where cycle routes are well prepared with about 5,000 bikes and expand the project to other areas of the city."

Also, reported in The Financial Times and Road Cycling UK, London's Mayor Ken Livingstone was so impressed with Velib' which he rode during a visit to watch the Tour de France that he requested Transport for London to examine the feasbility of such a program in London to promote cycling.

Livingstone said, "Cycling is a clean, fast and cheap way to get around London and we have seen an 83 per cent increase in cycling since I became Mayor. I have seen the Paris Freedom Bike scheme, and discussed it with the Mayor of Paris. It clearly works and is highly popular. I have asked transport officials in London to study the Parisian and similar schemes in order to draw up proposals for a scheme which would meet the needs of London. I am sure that we can learn from the success of the Parisian and similar schemes to expand access to cycling in London."

photo credit: Will Fox

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Morten Lange (Reykjavík) said...

Beijing also, apparrently:



Bikes will cost 100 yuan for a one-year contract or 20 yuan per day. Users pay a 400 yuan deposit which is refunded when the bike is returned. The four days before the announcement of the scheme's expansion saw an experiment to cut pollution in Beijing, with drivers with odd or even numbered licence plates told to stay home on alternate days.

It is not clear to me how the ease of operation will be in this system.