Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Enter Sevilla and Córdoba

Córdoba and Sevilla, Spain will be launching the Cyclocity bike-sharing technology offered by JCDecaux in 2008. According to AutoblogGreen, the Córdoba program, Ciclocity, will be on the smallish size with 35 bikes and 4 stations. The service will be offered free to registered members. The Sevilla program, Sevici, will be on a grander scale with 2,500 bikes and 250 stations.

Along with these two Spanish programs and the five new programs to be launched in France in 2008, it looks like it'll be a busy year for JCDecaux.

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Anonymous said...

I just went to Cordoba and Sevilla to look at those bicycles. By the way, Cyclocity in Cordoba was the first bike system of JCDecaux and has been installed in 1995. No one ever uses those bikes!
In Sevilla (Sevici) it's different, the bikes are used by a number of people.
It seemed that the cycling infrastructure highly influences the success of the bikes, as Sevilla just created new cycling lanes.