Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paris: Vélib' Bike-share Called Into Action To Fight Pollution

The offer of the Vélib' 1 days pass at no charge will remain in effect through Monday March 17, 2013. All other city transit is also being offered at no charge to help reduce the pollution by giving alternatives to private motor vehicles. As of the evening of Monday March 17, 2014 over 550,000 Velib' rides were taken to reduce pollution since the offer was made on Maech 13, 2014.

On Thursday March 13, 2014 there was a winter day record of over 135,000 
Vélib' trips to help reduce the pollution over Paris.
According to a Vélib' source, 7848 free tickets were dispensed on Friday, March 14th, by 6 PM Paris time, that is close to 2,000 more than the day before!

With the extremely high level of pollition in the French Capital this week, the Mayor of Paris is offering the Vélib' bike-share pass at no charge today and tomorrow. In an effort to reduce the amount of automobile traffic the Mayor is asking residents to leave their cars at home and use Vélib'. For Thursday, March 13th and Friday, March 14th there will be no charge for the 1 day pass at all Vélib' stations according to an official Vélib' web site
Anti-Pollution Measure - One Day Pass Free - March 13 & 14
If you are in Paris March 13th or 14th help reduce the unusual heavy pollution blanketing the City, take Vélib' and take advantage of the free one day pass  which allows 30 minutes of use at no charge each time you take out the bike. Please ride slowly and carefully!

Russell Meddin     

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