Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Bike-Sharing Planning Guide out Today

Now available, the month long delayed publishing of The Bike-Sharing Planning Guide from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) has finally come after being announced at the Share Use Mobility Summit in San Francisco, California, earlier this year.

It's a good read. There are now close to 670 bike-sharing cities world-wide. This makes for a good sample from which to glean some best practices and do's and don'ts. During 2013, 136 new cities debuted bike-sharing. That is a 65% increase in new services over 2012. More and more cities and towns are riding bike-sharing into a Critical Mass. A new Planning Guide can only help make new bike-share programs better and smarter. Take a quick look at this information below from the Guide:

The statistic quoted above come from The Bike-sharing World Map. It is the premiere resource for information on cities with bike-sharing. 
The new easy web address for viewing the map is

Follow the Map on Twitter@BikesharingMap

See the O'Brien Global Bike Share Map which shows real time bike usage in over 100 cities!

image: ITDP

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