Friday, August 17, 2012

New York City Postpones Bike-share until March 2013

In a press release Friday morning, the New York City Department of Transportation has made it official that the city will not have Citi Bike until March 2013. After much speculation, (see The Bike-sharing Blog on August 5th and August 9th) the 2012 summer saga of bike-sharing in New York City is hibernating before it even wakes up!

Update: On a WOR radio program this week, New York Mayor Bloomberg said,"Unfortunately there are software issues......The software doesn’t work. Duh! Until it works, we’re not going to put it (the program) out until it does work."

Russell Meddin

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Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me. I mean, its an unfortunate delay, but honestly, we want it to work right and be easy and fun to use! Good things take time and it will be worth the wait! I am stoked NYC will finally have a bike share program!!! Best city in the world, deserves the BEST bike share program in the world!!!