Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vélib' Rides into Two Years in the Bike-sharing World

In Paris today, the second anniversary of bike-sharing with Vélib' was celebrated. On 15 July 2007, the system started with 1000 bikes in 750 stations and kept its promise of having 20,000 bikes in 1,450 stations by the end of the year. It greets its second anniversary with 24,000 bikes and 1800 stations serving Paris and its immediate suburbs. With 54,000,000 usages in two years, Vélib’ is the gold standard in Public Use Bicycles. On average, during the last two years, every day 9500 single or seven day subscriptions were sold from the stations on the street.

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fergus said...

My girlfriend rented 2 Velib bikes last APRIL. She paid 300 euro deposit. This deposit was charged to her card and never returned! I have called numerous times, faxed and emailed but they don’t reply. You might never get your money back!