Sunday, January 25, 2009

Veloid - Making Bike-sharing Even Better

A free program called Veloid provides many useful services to make bike-sharing even better. Veloid allows bike-sharers at any of 34 bike-sharing programs in Europe, North and South America, and New Zealand to find available bikes and slots, display maps of your favorite stations, show a timer with how much free time you have left for your rental period, and lots more.

According to the Veloid website, “The configurable timer helps save you money. Often free biking systems are only free for an initial period of 30 minutes. Beyond that you pay extra charges. Thanks to the timer, you can use your bike without worry and about 5 minutes before your free time is up, an alarm [will] sound and you will be automatically geolocated to find stations near you with free slots.”

Veloid is available for the Android operating system on the T-Mobile G1 mobile phone. Veloid has English, French, and Spanish versions for download.

image credit: Veloid

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