Friday, August 22, 2008

Streetfilms on SmartBike DC

The good folks from Streetfilms recently came to D.C. to check-out our new SmartBike DC program and I joined them. This was our maiden voyage on the bikes and enthusiasticly I give the system the grade of an A-. The bikes were comfortable, clean, tires had good air pressure, the bike handled turns well, and the gears worked smoothly. The only problem was the station's computer was having a short-lived technical issue which fixed itself.

I understand that 350 memberships have been sold so far and that a limit of memberships may have to be put in place until more bikes and stations can be put out. If a limit were put into place, I hope D.C. residents are prioritized in who may receive their smartcards as their public space is paying for the program. This wouldn't be a first. Barcelona also limited membership to residents when they first started.


Corri Flaker said...

Great Job D.C.!

Anonymous said...

Before limiting memberships, they might try reducing the idiotic 3-hour check out. If bikes do get scarce you will see "sharers" checking out bikes and holding them for an hour or two to ensure a bike is available when they want to go.

It is all about utilization. The check-out time should be no more than an hour.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know who makes the locking and tracking systems for the various bike-sharing companies?