Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris set for bike-share scheme to cut congestion

The following article was published by Reuters reporter Alexandra Steigrad on June 13:

PARIS (Reuters) - It's summer in Paris and the French capital is preparing to offer bikes for anyone who wants to take a ride.

By July 15, the city plans to park 10,648 bicycles at 750 stations and nearly double that by 2008, with riders able to take bikes from one station and drop them off at another.

Work on "Velib"' (short for 'free bike' in French) is just starting, but it is already sparking enormous interest.


Anonymous said...

The paris Vélib' community bikes project is really interesting.
It will be exciting to see how it develops. However the point in this blog about the motives of the firm and the cluttering of the city with advertisements is something worth considering.

I suggested elsewhere that the advertisements should not be as big and not luminous. Perhaps that is not what they do in Paris, but at least in Oslo those huge, bright boards of ClearChannel which runs are a problem.

Instead the revenue should come from pricing parking and taxing car-driving according to the obvious harm that it does. Polluter Pays Principle.

me said...

The Oslo Bysykkels are fantastic (I've just written about them here - ), although I do share Morten's views about the funding of them.
That said a few six-sheet posters is a small price to pay for free, fun and environmentally friendly transport around the city. Other urban councils/authorities etc please take note!